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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oldies but Goodies

        They say that everything comes around full-circle.  What was once new and fashionable will reappear sometime in the future.  I believe it.  After all, I played with Smurfs and Strawberry Shortcake when I was a kid.  My fourth grade students are always shocked to learn that these characters aren’t new, and are in fact, old.  Because to them, while I may not be as old as other people they know, I’m definitely not young.  
   I’ve noticed something similar with music.  Musicians I used to adore, musicians I used to dress up as and dance around the house belting out their lyrics are not new any more.  Consequently, their songs are played on different radio stations than they used to.
   In Los Angeles, KRTH was known as an “Oldies” radio station.  I used to hear the Beach Boys singing about “California Girls,” I’d hear the Beatles asking for “Help!,” and I’d hear Chubby Checker encouraging us to “Twist!”  It was the station my family listened to in the car.  KRTH played songs we could all agree on.  Oldies are fun songs; many of them are ideal for group sing-alongs.  These songs have lasting-power.   
   Now, KRTH advertises itself as playing “The Greatest Hits on Earth!”  Those hits, include songs by Madonna and Michael Jackson - songs that I was listening to when I was in elementary school.  Now, I’m teaching elementary school, driving to work, listening to songs that I used to own on cassette.  (I sound like my mom, discussing her 45 records and 8-tracks for her Ford Pinto).
           Have I gotten old?  No.  Older?  Yes.  And, truthfully, it’s rather unsettling.  I’m not getting older the way I thought I would.  I thought I’d feel older.  I don’t.  I’m still terrified  of earthquakes.  I’m still in awe of rainbows.  And I still dance and sing to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”  The songs I liked as a kid, I still like as an adult.  I’m just hearing them on different stations.  As my husband  reminds me, these songs are 20+ years old.  That designation, by themselves, make them “Oldies.”  Oldies, part 2, because let’s face it, “Billie Jean” isn’t as old as “Peggy Sue.”
   So, I can look at this from the glass-is-half-full perspective. I can find a multitude of songs I like, from across the years, on one radio station.  Less channel-surfing, more singing.


  1. You explain the "Oldies" so well.I love listening to all the old songs from when I was in High School as a teen-ager as they bring back so many memories.The toys they are bringing back when I see them I think of you playing with them as a child,and some of the fashions they are showing I wore when I was in High School.I feel age is only a number.I look forward to reading your work each week.I love you and I am so proud of you.

  2. Oldies always seems better than the music the young people have on the radio today. I have never understood RAP music, I don't think I want to. The oldies will always be goodies. Your Mother & I are proud of you.

    Love, Dad

  3. I love KRTH! There's such a great variety of songs! I certainly agree that things keep coming back in vogue. I love your writing! Keep it up!

  4. Honey,

    I love reading your perspective on life!

    Your writing rings true to your voice!

    The songs you described are timeless just like you!



  5. HAHA.. I love those songs!!! I especially remember coming into your classroom and you listening to them while you work. I don't think you are old and besides, what defines old? You will always have a youthful spirit and that is all that matters. I love you!!!