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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl vs. Super Trip

   As a society, our values are largely out-of-whack (if you’ll pardon that informal vernacular).  The Sunday Los Angeles Times came to my front door and on the cover of the “Parade” Magazine section I saw the impassioned faces of three zealous football fans.  Granted, Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday.  But, there is more going on in the world than men running up and down a field in tight pants, kicking and throwing a football.

   For buried on page twelve, was an article about a single father, taking his two sons on an around-the-world trip.  The story speaks of a son coming home from school, asking his father why their family wasn’t doing more to help others.  And so, this family is spending twelve months, traveling to twelve different countries on six different continents, to help others.  (Check out their blog at twelveintwelve.org)

     I read that article and thought, “Incredible.”  What an adventure.  What a learning experience.  What selflessness.  What open, giving hearts this family shares.  And yet, the story didn’t even get a mention on the front cover.

   The Super Bowl was over in a few hours.  And I get it, it’s a money-maker.  A family on a humanitarian trip isn’t.  But what’s more important?  What lessons should we be sharing with our children?  

   Sometimes, I feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle, destined to follow in the footsteps of the Greek God Sisyphus, never accomplishing the task at hand, and always having to begin again.  

           And then, I’m re-affirmed.  I read an article, such as this one about the Lewis Family, and know I’m doing the right thing.  I’m teaching, and doing what my heart believes to be right.  And that’s all anyone can really do.


  1. I feel people put way too much into Super Bowl day.The parties that people make and all the money they spend makes no sense to me.In today's world so many people are behind in the bills,etc.yet they go over board to make a Super Bowl party.To me people try to impress others and that just doesn't make sense to me.It seems more and more people look out for themselves and have no feelings for others.Your words have so much meaning.I love you and I am so proud of you.

  2. The Super Bowl is a money maker, with advertising time going for millions of dollars. The ills of our society are not a priority. Millions for a football game and nothing for people that sleep in door ways. I have been asked for money for food, when I offer to buy a meal, I am told, just give me the money. As always, your blog, promotes a lot of thought. Your Mother & I are proud of you.

    Love, Dad

  3. Honey,
    Isn't it great how life can give you those moments of inspiration when you least expect it?! I am proud of your work as a teacher! I am very blessed to share life with you.
    I Love You with all of my heart!