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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


   My son recently celebrated his fifth birthday.  For my readers who are parents, you know how I’m feeling.  Emotional.  My baby is now five.  

   Along with the presents and cake each March 30th, there are also memories of another March 30th, one from five years ago.  It’s funny, some of the memories that are so vivid, that are so clear in my mind are also so peculiar, so random.

   Here I share with you five odd memories from the most important day of my life:

  1. The nurse told me to use a bedpan.  I was dealing with heavy-duty contractions, drug-free, and I suddenly had the urge to pee.  The nurse instructed me to use a bedpan.  I told her it wasn’t going to happen.  She pointed out that my contractions were strong, I was all hooked up; I pointed out that I had my husband, sister, and mother in the room, and I was not peeing in a bedpan.  I got out of that bed, walked to the bathroom, and while my husband stood by to make sure I was okay, I peed.  (It was, incidentally, the first time I had used the bathroom in front of my husband).
  2. During labor, my ponytail kept falling down.  In hindsight, I realize it’s probably because I was using a scrunchie bought during my high school years.  I don’t know why I felt so sentimental to that particular hair accessory, packing that in my hospital bag.
  3. In the midst of my heavy-duty pushing, someone in the room turned on the flat screen TV.  The TV was facing me, so unless a doctor or nurse was sneaking glances at it, I certainly wasn’t interested in watching the college basketball game that was being broadcast at that time.  (Thankfully, the TV was muted).  
  4. My doctor hadn’t arrived yet, and the doctor who was checking me informed me that my son had a lot of hair on his head.  There I am, wearing the hospital gown, feeling pain I had never imagined before, about to give birth, and in my head, I’m thinking, “How does he know that?  How does he see that?”  There was still this sense of disbelief, this idea that my son was inside my body, and the hair on his head wasn’t visible yet.
  5. The birth of my son will always be linked to the smells of Triscuits and Starburst jellybeans.  Those were my husband’s two snacks of choice.  So in between words of encouragement and synchronized breathing, he would eat handfuls of his snacks.  At our childbirth class, he and the other fathers were told that Daddies needed to maintain their blood-sugar levels to stay strong for the Mommies.

   Reflecting on my own random memories, just makes me curious about what memories Ryan will hold on to as he gets older.  Undoubtedly, he’ll remember some of the big events, but I wonder about the small moments that will remain with him as well.


  1. You wonder why some things stay with us forever and others we can't always remember.It is hard to believe Ryan is 5 already.The time goes way too fast.I am honored to share my birthday with Ryan.I remember going to the hospital to give birth to you and all the years of you growing up.It is hard to believe that you are now a MOMMY and a WONDERFUL one at that.You are doing a FANTASTIC job in raising Ryan.I always look forward to reading your work.I love you and I am so proud of you.

  2. Honey,
    This last week has been amazing with Ryan turning five. Going through all of the fun pictures and videos on the computer has been bringing back so many memories in my head too. On the night Ryan was born you became my hero. Thank you for being the most amazing mom to Ryan.
    I Love You!

  3. The greatest accomplishment of your life is without a doubt Ryan. You have accomplished many things and I am sure you will continue to do so. Ryan has also accomplished things. I feel he has taken to pre-school like a duck to water. I am amazed that he is so smart. Your Mother & I are proud of you both.

    Love Dad

  4. Thanks for sharing Wendy! I can certainly relate to the memories that are tied to such a special event. I have a few of my own and unfortunately, the bed pan is one of them!:)