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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The A to Z List of Dads

   I have learned, and am learning, about dads from two important men in my life:  my own dad and my husband as he fathers our five-year-old son.  These two perspectives allow me the opportunity to observe fatherhood.  Based on my observations, here is my A to Z List of Dads.

A Affection dispenser, providing hugs, kisses, high fives, and pats on the back

B Bug catcher and releaser

C Coach, teaching the proper way to hold a golf club or hit a t-ball

D Date for video games, movies, and sporting events

E Expert.  There are certain things only dad can do (hooking up the computer or installing a light fixture)  

F Fixer who repairs broken toys

G GPS  - the human variety

H Helper - math homework, flat bike tires

I Introducer, acquainting a child with a favorite musician, old movie, or sports team

J Joker, one who excels at riddles, silly jokes, and funny faces

K Kid Advocate.  A dad will always stand up for his child and protect him.

L Lifter, whether it be heavy packages or children  

M Mimic.  One who can replicate the voices of Elmo, Mickey Mouse, or a favorite celebrity.

N Nap buddies

O Overseer.  The one who has the ultimate responsibility and answers to “Daddy-can- I?” and “Daddy-will-you?”

P Performer.  One who utilizes various methods to entertain children.

Q Quiet monitor

R Role model demonstrating how to handle minor annoyances (traffic), inconveniences (backed up sink), and disagreements

S Supporter, encouraging his child to try, and try again

T Transportation provider, a lift on dad’s shoulders or a ride on dad’s back

U Umpire, for settling disputes

V Valentine, always loving his children

W Worker,  at his paying job and at home

X Xs and Os provider

Y Yard supervisor, checking that the playground is safe and all children are abiding by rules and playing fairly.   

Z Zen Master (unofficially).  But one who attempts to maintain calm regardless of surrounding circumstances.


  1. You really got it right with your list.Father's and grandfather's are special people.I can honestly say that I feel your father has been a wonderful father and he is being a wonderful grandfather.He loves his children and his grandchildren.I always love reading your work.I love you and I am very proud of you.

  2. Thanks for your list on Grandpa and Dad. You have described my duties and responsibilities. It is easy to preform the task, when the child is so loving and out-going. You have made me so happy with the accomplishments of you and Ryan. You are a wonderful Mother and Teacher.

    Love, Dad

  3. Honey,
    This is a wonderful read right before Father's Day. I hope you and Ryan know how much I love you two. Ryan has given me the reason to my life. He truly is the best us.
    I Love You!

  4. OHHH I like the quiet monitor and the Zen Master!!!! That was a fantatstic piece to read!!! Great job!!!! I love you!!!!