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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Listen to the Quiet

   There are times when I really don’t enjoy living in Los Angeles.  I tire of hearing the symphony that is comprised of cars honking, tires squealing, sirens blaring, and helicopters hovering.  

   I long to hear the sound of the wind as it rustles the leaves.  To delight in the sound of brown crunchy leaves dancing across the sidewalk.  To revel in the roar of the ocean.

   Yet, I can’t just pack it up and move to Cambria.  (If you’ve never been, Cambria is located along the California coast, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  It’s gorgeous, and my favorite vacation spot).  

   Because as much as there is to criticize about living in a big city (crowds and traffic being two chief complaints), I also really enjoy the convenience of living in a big city.  Everything I need is close to my home (either within walking distance or requiring a short drive).  I like having a Target nearby.  (And let’s be honest, I’ve got several Targets nearby, so if one location doesn’t have what I need, I’ve got back-ups.)

   I imagine myself someday owning a convertible.  Just not in Los Angeles.  There are too many people standing on corners, panhandling in the midst of traffic for me to feel safe driving through town with my convertible top down.  The convertible would work in Cambria, though.  A place where storekeepers greet each person who walks in.  A place where fellow walkers smile and say “hello” to each other.  A city that doesn’t feel crowded.  But in all honesty, it’s also a place that isn’t diverse.

   I may fantasize about moving up to Cambria.  Taking daily walks adjacent to the ocean.  Living a quieter life.  But, I wonder, if I would get bored of the quiet.  Would I become a bit stir-crazy with the silence?  Would I miss being centrally located to everything (shops, markets, the hospital, the library)?

   I really don’t know.  For now, I enjoy the quiet a few days a year during our annual trip to Cambria.  And although I have thus far spent my entire life living in Los Angeles, it may not always be that way.


  1. You have always said one day you want to live near the ocean.I know you love going to Cambria.I would certainly miss you if you ever moved away.I love you and I am proud of you.

  2. Since you were little you have always wanted to travel and see different places. Your mother & I are proud of you.
    Love, dad

  3. Honey,
    Your blog is great! I can't wait for us to visit Cambria again.
    I Love You!
    Love, me