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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

Since becoming a mom, I’ve learned that inspiration, sleep, and alone time are all things that you take when you can get them.  And you don’t always find them where you’d expect to.
This week’s blog was inspired by something written on the back of our “Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Color Cracker” package.  
“Sometimes it’s the little things that make life more fun like blowing bubbles or playing ball.  If you stop and appreciate the little things you’ll probably find yourself smiling a little bigger.”
           In honor of those words of wisdom, I have created an acrostic poem celebrating all the little things I am thankful for.  

Turkey handprints.  My son’s hands take on a whole new level of cuteness when his fingers  represent turkey feathers.
Hug-a-bugs.  A full-body hug, with my son’s arms wrapped around me, his head resting against my shoulder, and I’m happily floating in our little hug-bubble.  Our own cheek-to-cheek dance.  
ABC’s.  One of the sweetest sounds I know is my two and a half year old son “spelling.”  Whether we’re shopping at the market, taking a walk in the neighborhood, or reading a book at the library, letters are becoming a part of my son’s world.  As a mom, a writer, and a teacher, I’m ecstatic that my son finds joy in words.
Night.  The house is quiet and still.  I have a few hours to grade papers, clean the house, and do some reading and writing before Mr. Sandman beckons me and it’s time to start a new day and a new to-do list.
Kisses.  On my lips or on Ryan’s feet.  A kiss is an intimate connection to another.  
Flowers, specifically sunflowers.  They are an eternally happy flower.  They are bright and sunshiney in summer, autumnish in fall.
Upside down cuddles.  When my son is in my arms, arching his back, looking at the world upside down, giggles are sure to follow as I kiss under his chin and along his neck.  Life is good, and the world is funnier when it’s upside down. 
Leaves that crunch under-foot.  Star-shaped, crimson leaves.  Heart-shaped, butter-colored leaves.  


  1. Honey,

    I love the line "the world is funnier when it's upside down."

    I am so thankful that we can share our lives together.

    I cannot imagine life without you and Ryan.

    I Love You!!!!


  2. I love reading your work.You and Ryan have a wonderful relationship and he loves you so.Having a close relationship with a child is worth all the money in the world.

  3. I am thankful for the little guy. I always try to help with his letters. You are doing a wonderful job with him.

    Love, Dad

  4. I love this blog! The "Thankful" accrostic was really well thought out, too! I like that you mention kisses which can take on a lot of different types of intimacies. So true! Keep up the great writing! I love it!