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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

D-I-Y Life Improvement

   If you’re not familiar with Ikea, the short explanation is that Ikea is a furniture store. Ikea, though, has evolved into more than a furniture store.  It now advertises itself as “The Life Improvement Store.”  
   That’s quite a claim to make.
   I think most people are looking for some way(s) to improve their lives.  Whether shorter commutes, a better phone plan, a more efficient way to clean the bathroom - we’re all looking for ways to improve our lives.  Can Ikea really do it, though?
   First off, let’s remember that most products purchased at Ikea require assembly.  They are do-it-yourselfers.  And, isn’t that what life is?  Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to take the step(s) needed to improve our lives - cut down on soda, cut down on time spent in front of the television, cut down on negative thoughts.  So, we can go to Ikea, look for inspiration, look for encouragement, but then ultimately we’ve got to do it ourselves.  
   To be fair, Ikea doesn’t send us home without any guidance.  Each piece of furniture I’ve bought (bookcases, dressers, desk chairs, tables) comes with instructions.  However, most of those instructions utilize drawings rather than written directions, and the instructions are often  ambiguous and not at all easy to understand and execute.  Such as life.  I may know I need to sleep for an hour more each night; however, knowing how to accomplish that isn’t easy.
   Let’s not forget - Ikea is a furniture store.  And, honestly, my home is just one part of my life.  Yes, I crave the sanctuary my home offers - my king-sized bed, my patio swing, my red dining table.  But having a tranquil home isn’t all there is to my life.  Let’s not forget our relationships, our workplaces, our cars (because some people probably spend more time in their cars each day than their homes).
   It’s a wonderful tag line.  I gotta give Ikea credit.  Such a promise, your whole life improved, simply by purchasing Ikea’s products.  


  1. You truly amaze me with your writing.I love walking around IKEA and we have many products we bought there in our home.I agree our lives are made up of so many things and most are very confusing as are the directions of furniture coming from IKEA.I hope and pray all the confusing issues with what is going on with all the pain you are dealing with will very soon be resolved.I love you and I am so very proud of you.

  2. Is this as good as it gets? I don't have an answer. I always believed that with age, I would get wisdom, that I would understand. This hasn't been the case, I am frequently overwhelmed by the challenges of life. I have always considered my home as my sanctuary. Your Mother & I are proud of you, we will be happier when your health issues are resolved.

    Love, Dad

  3. Honey,

    Your writing is fantastic!

    I always hear your voice loud and clear in your articles.

    Hang in there! We are going to find a solution to this constant pain your body is in.